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Anti-establishment Tote Bags


Limited edition. Anti-establishment Tote Bags traditionally made in Britain.

(With a shocking disregard for convention.)

A camera doesn’t simply take pictures.  It’s a powerful tool against oppression, racism, violence and inequality – it can be enormously effective.  Fashion and photography are our weapon of choice and we use this medium to expose the underbelly of world lethargy.

Our new collection for non-conformists launches with six statement-making designs, a uniquely alternative collection of editioned bags designed with a personality and voice that screams out difference. Each image, digitally printed in Sheffield, portrays real lives and real people who have dared to stand out from the crowd by not caring for what the crowd thinks. Their passionate personalities and views are here, now a matter of record.

Each Tote bag is a limited edition piece – we only ever print 200 of each.

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